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Deleting my Simply Account
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Note ❣️ Deleting your account doesn't cancel your subscription. If you have a subscription and would like to delete your account, this article will help you take care of that 😊

Need to delete the data associated with your account? No problem πŸ˜‰

You can use either of the following two methods:

1) Delete your account in-app, by going to 'My Account' and tapping 'Delete account' --> Follow the instructions.

2) Reach out to our support team via e-mail and we'll be glad to help out.

This will delete your info for all our apps you've created account for including:

  • Simply Piano: Learn Piano Fast

  • Simply Guitar - Learn Guitar

  • Simply Sing - Learn to Sing

  • Simply Draw: Learn to Draw

  • Piano Maestro

  • Piano DustBuster

πŸ’‘ For us to find the relevant account, please be sure to e-mail us from the e-mail address associated with your registered account

How to get in touch?

For Simply Piano, we're at

For Simply Guitar, we're at

For Simply Sing, we're at

For Simply Draw, we're at

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