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Recover Lost Progress
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You worked way too hard on learning piano to lose that progress. Let's get that back for you! πŸ’ͺ

Your Simply Piano progress is saved to an account, usually through your email address. If you started on another phone or tablet and now have a new one, go to the app on your first device and tap Menu > Settings > My Account to see which email address you used to log in. Make sure you are logged in with that same email on the new one.

Note: We use the email address you register in the app and not your Apple ID or Google Play email.

If you realize that the account you are logged into is using the wrong email address, you can edit that by going to Menu > Settings > My Account and pressing the green pencil (or if you don't see 'Settings', head straight to Menu > My Account).

If you're logged in but you still don't see any progress, try these steps to recover it:

iOS users

Go in the app to Menu > Settings > Restore Purchases. This will look for the account that was originally used and help you log into that account.

Android users

Please reach out to us through the app by tapping on Menu > Settings > Have a Question? If you can have your email and either your receipt number or GPA number ready, we'll use these to help locate your progress. Our support team will help you reconnect to your progress in no time!

Have more questions? You can talk to us through the app. Tap on Menu > Settings > Have a Question? :)


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