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Exciting news! We now support bluetooth MIDI on iPhones and iPads!

Two things first:

  1. Update Simply Piano to version 9.4.35 (or higher).

  2. You'll need a keyboard that has Bluetooth MIDI built in

Then, to enable bluetooth MIDI, go in Simply Piano to Menu > Settings > MIDI Settings. You'll see a toggle for turning "MIDI Bluetooth" on/off. Turn that on and the menu will show the options for which device to pair with. Choose your keyboard here.

Once you've selected your keyboard, "Connected" will appear next to the keyboard name and a "MIDI Keyboard Connected" pop up will appear at the top right corner for a moment.

Now, play some notes and you'll hear what you play through the app. Cheers to awesome technology and perfect note recognition!

Note: If you've been using a separate app to connect to Bluetooth MIDI and then using it in Simply Piano, you'll need to connect directly in Simply Piano now with the directions above. Now that we support this directly, you won't be able to use a connection through another app in Simply Piano.

Have more questions? You can talk to us through the app. Just tap on Menu > Settings > Have a Question? and we'll be right with you :)

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