Occasionally, our developers and learners (thank you!) find issues or bugs that we need to work on. We want to be open and honest about these, so you'll find updates listed on this page. We always work hard to fix any hiccups so you can carry on playing! 🎶

Current Status

🛑 Apple's iOS versions 11 & 12 may cause the app to crash when loading 😢

  • Our diligent developers are working on a fix as we speak, the next app version will contain a fix!

🛑 Learners using Apple's iOS versions 16 may experience lagging 😢

  • We're researching this, found the reason for the bug and working on a fix 💨

✅ Apple's beta iOS version (16) is now supported by Simply Piano.

  • If you were waiting to update to this version, you can now go ahead :-)

✅ All other parts of the app are currently running as expected, there are no additional known issues 🤗


Have more questions? You can talk to us through the app. Tap on Menu > Settings > Have a Question? :)

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