If you'd like to learn piano along with other members of your family on one subscription, Simply Piano is a perfect fit. Multiple profiles allow up to five family members to create full-access profiles and track their individual progress all on one account. Each family member will have full access to all of our courses, songs, and practice options and can move at their own pace.

Make sure to select the Family Plan subscription option while you're subscribing, which includes full access to 5 premium profiles.

To create profiles for your family, click Add Profiles in the app menu.

I'm currently on an Individual Plan, how can I upgrade to a Family Plan?

To upgrade, create a new basic profile by clicking into Add Profiles in the app menu. Enter the new profile that you just created, and click on any premium content to display the 'switch to family plan' screen. This will take you through the steps to upgrade your plan.

Have more questions? You can talk to us through the app. Tap on Menu > Settings > Have a Question? :)

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