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Is there more draw content ✏️

Draw is still new and has a few great courses. We’re working hard on adding some new content. Keep an eye on the app, hopefully you'll see some new courses available soon!

Can I draw portraits / comics / etc. 🖼️

We currently have 2 paths - Nature and Animals. It's awesome that you're eager to explore other types of drawings as well! We’re currently working on new paths to add down the line, so stay tuned!

Can I draw digitally 🖥️

For now, Simply Draw is exclusively taught with a good old Pencil-and-Paper.

Can I add more profiles 👥

For now, Simply Draw is only available for individual profiles.

I already have a Simply Family plan from a different app 🎹 🎸🎤

That's awesome! If you’ve already purchased a Family plan with either Piano, Guitar or Sing, then you should have full access to Draw! If you’ve purchased an Individual plan from the other apps, you’ll have to buy a Draw subscription for full access.

I have a Family plan but can't access Simply Draw 🤔

This should be an easy one! Make sure you’re logged in to Simply Draw with the same email address you used for your Simply Piano, Guitar or Sing account (the login screen is available from the top-left 'profile' icon.

Why isn't my premium Draw account working 🎨

Oh no! Let's sort this out.

First, make sure you’re logged in to Simply Draw with the same email address you used for purchasing.

If you're still not seeing premium access, tap on your Profile in the top-left > then tap 'Need help?' > and then 'Restore Purchase', this should do the trick!

Have more questions? You can talk to us through the app. Tap on Profile > Contact Us :)

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