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You get a song stuck in your head, go to Simply Sing, search it up, and . . . what?! it's not there . . . noooooooooo!

Not to worry, just tell us! We love hearing what songs you'd like us to add. We can't promise, but we add as many requests as we can.

How do I send a song request?

To send us a request:

  1. Press "Search" at the bottom of the main screen

  2. Type the name of any song or artist

  3. If we don't have it, you'll see a button pop up "Request a Song". Just press there to submit the songs, artists, or genres you'd like.

*Quick note for Android Singers - this article is only relevant for our iOS version. But we're very excited to announce the initial release of Simply Sing for Android! Check out this article for more details 🤩

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