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Adding profiles

Add profiles for your whole family to learn guitar, each at their own pace!

  1. To add a profile, tap the Menu > Manage > Add Profiles

  2. Add your name, age, and choose your avatar

Now you're all set to learn guitar, saving your progress in our courses and the songs you love!

Note: If you are on an Individual Plan, you will still be able to create basic profiles, but you'll need to be on a Family Plan for full access to 5 premium profiles. To upgrade, enter any basic profile and click on any premium content to display the 'switch to family plan' screen.

Deleting Profiles

To delete a profile:

  1. Tap Menu > Manage > Edit

  2. Select the profile you'd like to delete and press Delete on the bottom right corner

  3. Confirm that you want to delete this profile by typing “DELETE” and clicking submit.

Note: When a profile is deleted from your account, we cannot restore it. If you have this profile in our apps Simply Piano, Simply Sing, or Piano Maestro, it will also be deleted there too.

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