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We grouped all your guitar lessons into courses. After finishing Guitar Basics I (the first course), you can follow the course you want, switch between courses, and discover which courses are coming to Simply Guitar.

Feel free to choose your own path. There is no right or wrong. Do you want to focus on chords? Or are you ready to lead? Everything is possible!

Here's more information on both paths to help you choose:

  • The blue courses are the Lead Path. They focus on playing melodies and riffs from songs you love, read tabs to perfection and improve your guitar playing with technique boosting exercises.

  • The pink courses are the Chords Path. These focus on how to play the chords of the most well-known pop, rock & jazz songs, and teaches you chord switching and strumming techniques to accompany any song.

  • The purple courses are special courses that combine your knowledge of lead playing and chords.

Which courses are coming?

Courses with a COMING SOON label are not released yet, and will be added to Simply Guitar on an ongoing basis. We are continuously updating the app and adding new lessons, courses, and features.

Have more questions? In-app chat is available 24/7 for Simply Guitar subscribers - just tap on Menu > Have a Question? We’re also happy to hear from all our learners via email at

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