I'm left-handed, how do I follow the lessons?
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Are you left-handed and feeling awkward playing guitar chords in Simply Guitar? You’re in good company! Chords can feel weird for you because you’re holding the guitar a different way and everything looks backwards.

There are actually a couple of options, all of which will help you feel more comfortable. You might even want to try them each and find the one that feels right to you. There’s not a right answer - it’s about what makes you feel awesome playing guitar!


  • Don’t change anything - play the same as someone right handed and your strong hand will be on the fretboard instead of strumming (Highly Recommended)

  • Choose a left handed guitar or restring the strings so the strings are in the opposite order - this way, the chord charts will be the same as what you see in the app

  • Leave the strings as they are and flip the guitar the other direction - then, flip the chord diagrams or use a diagram like on this website that already flipped them https://leftyfretz.com/free-left-handed-guitar-chord-diagram-chart/

You’ve got this! There are lots of incredible left handed guitarists, each of whom chose their way to learn guitar in the way that felt best to them. Find yours and if you need any help, we’re always here for you!

Have more questions? In-app chat is available 24/7 for Simply Guitar subscribers - just tap on Menu > Have a Question? We’re also happy to hear from all our learners via email at guitar@hellosimply.com.

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